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how to serve caviar
Very usefull information on how to properly serve caviar.

Caviar is a unique food experience and there are some tricks to serving this delicious delicacy properly.
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How to serve Caviar

1. Remove caviar from the refrigerator 15 minutes before eating. The lid should be removed only at the last moment.

2. The ideal presentation is to offer the whole tin on a bed of crushed ice. Allow at least 50 grams per person. It should be spooned onto a chilled plate with care taken not to break the grains, which would make it oily. It should be eaten with a fork.

3. You can accompany caviar with pieces of bread that have been lightly toasted (to preserve softness) and then quickly filmed with butter. Don't use commercially made toasts or crackers because they are too hard and dry.

4. Above all, never sprinkle with lemon, or serve garnished with chopped egg, onion or sour cream they alter the taste and distract from the pure flavor of caviar. These condiments should be saved for other less expensive grades of caviar only.

5. A small glass of iced vodka is the ideal companion. It is very important not to spoil your palate with anything but the most pure vodka. It is a matter of personal taste whether you drink champagne with caviar but many think that it is too "sweet” in itself, with too much of its own flavor and that it will distract your palate from the taste of caviar.

6. Many people swallow caviar whole, but to fully appreciate the flavor you should "burst” the eggs with the tip of your tongue against your palate to release the flavor in your mouth.

7. Unopened, a container of fresh caviar may be kept in the refrigerator for up to 8 weeks. Once opened it is highly perishable and should be eaten right away.

8. Never keep caviar in a freezer.

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