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Excellent price on French Oils and top quality guaranteed. Aways fresh arrival

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French Oils

Truffle Oil Black 1.80 oz

Truffle Oil Black 1.80 oz
Highly recommended for its quality by chefs and gourmet lovers around the world, Truffle Oil has the genuine taste of fresh truffles infused into extra virgin olive oil.

Truffle Oil Black 8.4 oz

Truffle Oil Black 8.4 oz
A few drops of the truffle olive oil will give the final touch of class to an unforgettable dish.
Base Price:$15.00
Sale price: $9.10
Base Price:$19.88
Sale price: $17.58

Truffle Oil White 8.4 oz.

Truffle Oil White 8.4 oz.
Truffle Oil is a great way to get the deep flavor of truffle without having to mortgage your house to buy the actual truffles themselves.

Porcini Aroma Oil 8.5 oz

Porcini Aroma Oil 8.5 oz
Use Porcini Aroma Oil to season risotto, pasta dishes and stews; wonderful for salads.
Base Price:$23.00
Sale price: $17.50
Base Price:$18.99
Sale price: $12.31

White Truffle Aroma Oil 8.4 oz

White Truffle Aroma Oil 8.4 oz
White Truffle Aroma Oil 8.4 oz. Sunflower oil with white truffle aroma.

Grapeseed Oil 17 oz

Grapeseed Oil 17 oz
Grapeseed Oil, a byproduct of wine production, has been a favorite of European chefs for hundreds of years due to its many fine qualities as an edible oil.
Base Price:$18.99
Sale price: $14.70
Base Price:$8.00
Sale price: $5.04

Safflowerseed Oil 17 oz

Safflowerseed Oil 17 oz
Refined safflower oil is excellent for sauteing, pan-frying, and deep-frying because of its very high smoke point.

Walnut Oil 17 oz

Walnut Oil 17 oz
Walnut oil, popular in dressings and as a seasoning, imparts the rich taste of the nuts from which it is pressed.
Base Price:$16.99
Sale price: $11.76
Base Price:$16.99
Sale price: $12.99

Apricot Kernel Oil 8.5 oz.

Apricot Kernel Oil 8.5 oz.
The oil is obtained by removing the pit from the apricot and cracking the shell of the pit in order to access the kernel covered by the shell.

Avocado Kernel Oil 8.5 oz.

Avocado Kernel Oil 8.5 oz.
This unique, nutty-flavoured oil may be used in whipped potatoes, drizzled over steamed vegetables, in vinaigrette dressings, for sauteing, soups ands stews.
Base Price:$15.00
Sale price: $6.99
Base Price:$11.00
Sale price: $7.84

Pinenut Oil 8.5 oz.

Pinenut Oil 8.5 oz.
Enhances the flavour of any dish on which it is drizzled.

Pistachio Oil 8.5 oz

Pistachio Oil 8.5 oz
A unique oil that brings out the delicious flavor of the pistachio nut. Pistachio oil has very distinct, long-lasting taste and lends a unique dimension to many dishes.
Base Price:$39.00
Sale price: $29.89
Base Price:$29.99
Sale price: $25.19

Pumpkin Kernel Oil 8.5 oz

Pumpkin Kernel Oil 8.5 oz
This exquisite gourmet oil is great for salads, soups, slightly hot dishes, or bread dipping.

Pure Almond Oil 8.50 oz.

Pure Almond Oil 8.50 oz.
A very fine quality unrefined oil, first-pressed from raw almonds. This oil's rich golden colour is the result of careful pressing which preserves the natural vitamins A and E.
Base Price:$19.00
Sale price: $10.50
Base Price:$17.99
Sale price: $11.50

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