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The Osetra is in some ways the most interesting sturgeon in that its eggs have the greatest variety in terms of size, flavour and colour. It is said that the taste of the eggs varies so much because the Osetra is a bottomfeeder and takes on the flavour of whatever it is eating.

The Osetra is has a short, thick head with a slightly pointed nose and a small mouth that protrudes like a small suction pipe to suck up algae, plants, small fish and other crustacea. The fish has bony scales down the length of its body, and its colour varies from dark grey to brown on the backbone, with a lighter-coloured stomach. It also has two sets of barbels above its mouth.

Russian Imperial Golden Osetra Caviar Malossol
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It has a unique clean, crisp, "nutty" flavor and varies in color from golden yellow to dark brown

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